Wellness Programs for High-Achieving Executives and Entrepreneurs

You take care of everything from A-Z.

Except you.

It's not your fault though. You are a driven, ambitious and intelligent individual. You've been conditioned to work hard to produce results in the workplace. Unfortunately, people often sacrifice their wellbeing in pursuit of their business goals, because they falsely believe that they “don’t have time” to do both things at once. 

Your energy levels aren't the same. It takes more coffee, tea, 5-Hour Energy shots, Redbulls, and Monster Energy drinks than ever before just to function, and at the end of the day, you're still tired. 

If you’re like most of my hard-working, ambitious clients, you’re probably “dealing with” some degree of lower back, neck or shoulder pain; potentially all three, and you’re probably carrying a few extra pounds that you can do without. 

You want to get in shape but you can’t ever find time between work, personal life (if there is one), kids, spouse, family, and a plethora of other daily responsibilities. Even when you do make it to the gym, you don’t really know what you’re doing.

I understand the frustration. You know that you’ll benefit from regular exercise, but when you do workout, you feel like you’re either wasting time or injuring yourself because you don’t know what you’re doing. 

So you're faced with a conundrum… 

"How do I achieve my fitness goals if I’m not an exercise scientist and I’m short on time?”

Introducing Optimal Wellbeing at Your Finger Tips!

THE ELEVATED METHOD is the bi-product of over 27 years of training busy executives and entrepreneurs. For over two decades I’ve worked with career-driven people who are generally striving for the same things. They all want to be healthy, happy and successful!

They’re facing similar challenges in a perceived lack of time and limited or unclear information. THE ELEVATED METHOD solves both problems with a progressive, conditioning program that is easily accessible and allows clients to develop their physical and psychological confidence over time.

Why the Elevated Method Is the Method For You

The ELEVATED METHOD is an online training program that teaches everyday people how to create extraordinary, long-term, sustainable results for LIFE.

Long-Term, Sustainable Transformations

Less than 10% of people who workout and achieve their goals sustain their results. THE ELEVATED METHOD doesn't just help clients achieve their immediate goals. We're invested in your long term success. We provide you with the tools to become self-sufficient. 

More Strength & Flexibility / Durability  

The progressive, internal/external (core & joint stabilizing muscles first) approach to our training fortifies clients bodies and minds, preparing them to withstand the pressure necessary to continuously grow without getting injured. 

Less Stress, More Energy, Enhanced Quality of LIFE

It has been scientifically proven that our bodies respond very well to regular exercise. Above all though, the most important benefit is the enhanced quality of life. Exercising and eating right consistently will change your life for the better. Working with a coach will re-shape your life forever.  

Here’s what people are saying about the Elevated Method

Samantha R.

We originally hired Rance from Elevated Method to lose weight and look amazing for our wedding. We soon realized we were in worse shape than we thought. In the first session Rance was able to tailor fit a workout that’s helping us not only lose weight, but also gain muscle and range of motion. He also helped us find a healthy nutrition plan to maximize our weight loss. I’ve had trainers before, but I’ve never had the results, or the positive and healthy support that I’ve gotten working with Rance.

Mary E.

As a holistic nutritionist, nutrition science research writer, educator and speaker who is living her passion in her business, I cheer for those doing the same in helping others transform their health, creating a powerful paradigm shift that results in higher living on all levels. Rance is definitely one such person changing the world for the better, helping people awaken to life's new possibilities, one-by-one! 

Laini G.

I have worked with many trainers and coaches and Rance is truly one of the best! He challenged and motivated me, but more importantly he took the time to get to know me, which meant that he better understood what I needed in my workouts, nutrition guidance and coaching. He inspired me to be my best and helped me achieve goals that I didn't think were possible!

Our 3-Phase Approach

We recognize the individual and understand - there is no one size fits all program.


Phase 1: Stability

In Phase 1 we’ll build your body from the inside-out focusing on core and joint stability first. In addition, we will increase your stamina/endurance, balance, and flexibility. Most, if not all of the exercises in the first phase are bodyweight exercises. We need to fortify your core and joint stabilizing muscles before we impose outside resistance onto your body. Once you’re able to consistently demonstrate proper form, range of motion and breathing technique with your body weight, then you’ll be ready to advance to the second phase.


Phase 2: Max Strength

In Phase 2 we’ll focus on making you as strong as possible, from head to toe. The objective in this phase is to impose as much pressure as possible to encourage progressive adaptation. When we place your body under a certain amount of pressure for an extended period of time, your body has to change to accommodate the increased pressure. This is where the most dramatic strength gains occur. 

In addition, the more lean muscle mass you have, the harder your body has to work to maintain. As a result, your metabolism kicks in and it starts working for you, instead of against you. You burn fat more efficiently. 


Phase 3: Performance

At the beginning of Phase 3, we’ll hone in on any weaknesses and make sure that your body is on balance and prepared for more dynamic movement. The extent of explosive and dynamic movements that each client performs varies from client to client. In this phase, you will be incorporating all of your strength training techniques with faster more compound movements.

This is a progressive conditioning program. Our goal is to gradually build you through each phase so that your joints and the ligaments that bind them aren't overstretched or overloaded. My number ONE priority is injury prevention!


One Size Does Not Fit All

When done properly, with consistent application, our programs produce long-term, sustainable results and enhances our client’s QUALITY of LIFE! Our goal is always to help you achieve your goals and to provide you with the tools to be self-sufficient so that you can be FIT FOR LIFE!

Real Foundations

This is PERFECT for people who want the benefits of an evidence based program without professional guidance. This 3 Phase Online Program will ensure that you learn proper form, range of motion and breathing techniques to optimize your transformation. By the time you get to Phase 3, you will be ready to hit the weights without wasting time or injuring yourself.

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About Your Trainer

Rance Hayes

Rance Hayes has worked in the wellness industry for over 27 years. Always active, Rance played every sport under the sun and was hyper-competitive. The game wasn't over until he won.

The initial attraction to personal training was born out of sports, but over the years that connection has broadened to serve a deeper purpose. Today Rance works as a high-performance coach with business executives and entrepreneurs who are looking for a better quality of life and a healthy performance edge at work.

Always looking to expand his reach and positively impact more lives, Rance transitioned to online training in 2018. He believes that there is a direct correlation between fitness and everything that we do in life and that people are far more powerful than they know. 

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As far as we know, you only get one shot in this body. Don't waste it being mediocre. LIVE LIFE ELEVATED!!!

I believe that everything happens for a reason! You coming to my website at this time is no coincidence. 

You may have worked out with other trainers in the past, or maybe you’ve never worked out before. Wherever you’re coming from, whatever your background is, I am here to help you get it RIGHT this time! 

This is your one stop shop en-route to your BEST LIFE! 

I look forward to assisting you with all of your health and fitness goals! With my knowledge and support and your commitment, determination and discipline, we will transform your mind, body and spirit for the better, FOREVER!